Alameda Auto Care Center Comparative Summary

(510) 394-4966
2405 Eagle Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501
David Chau is owner of Alameda Auto Care Center.

Alameda Auto Care Center likes to go the extra mile for its customers—literally and figuratively. “If a customer’s car has a dead battery in their carport or garage, we’ll bring the charger to their house, hook it up and charge the battery,” says owner David Chau. “We’re always willing to drop off a customer at work. And if they aren’t able to bring their car in, we can go as far as 30 miles to pick it up and bring it to the shop. We do our best to treat customers like part of our family.”

Honesty and communication are high priorities at Alameda Auto Care Center. “We don’t like playing games with our customers,” says Mr. Chau. “We want to listen to their concerns, and during the whole process, we do our best to inform them by keeping the lines of communication open so we can help them make the best decision possible. We’re very straightforward.”

Mr. Chau says customers usually come away more educated when everything is clearly explained—why the repair or replacement is needed, what kind of parts will be used, how long it will take, and so forth. “We do our best to troubleshoot and get them the best price,” he says.

Alameda Auto Care Center handles large and small jobs with equal dedication. “We do pretty much everything here—from something as simple as changing a light bulb to doing major engine repairs,” says Mr. Chau. The company’s extensive list of services also includes body repair for vehicles that have been in a collision. It uses only the highest quality parts and paints and is proud to be a part of the ACDelco Total Service Support Program.

The staff at Alameda Auto Care Center is committed to providing the best experience possible for each customer. Professional courtesy doesn’t end when a car leaves the shop, says Mr. Chau. The company sends thank-you notes, and regular customers receive regular reminders about when their car is due for scheduled maintenance.