Advanced Roofing Services, Inc. Comparative Summary

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A recent residential roofing project by Advanced Roofing Services

Dave Lopez of Advanced Roofing Services, Inc. considers himself more than just an estimator and a business owner. “I’m a roofer first and foremost, and I talk to my customers at a level they understand and appreciate. That’s an extraordinary comfort to someone facing the possibility of a roof repair.”

Advanced Roofing Services provides re-roofing, waterproofing, roof repair and maintenance, and gutter services for homeowners, management companies, general contractors, and homeowner associations throughout the Greater Bay Area. It also installs and repairs skylights and solar tubes, and offers roofing inspections for real estate agents. All the company’s re-roofing and gutter replacement projects carry a five-year workmanship warranty. Mr. Lopez is present on every jobsite, monitoring the work throughout and approving it upon completion.

Advanced Roofing Services places a high premium on honesty and integrity. Mr. Lopez says he goes to great lengths to forestall replacing a roof by extending its life through repair. He says it’s not uncommon for him to squeeze five additional years of life from a roof when its owners had been advised that replacement was their sole option.

The company prides itself on working quickly, often completing jobs in a single day. Mr. Lopez says his workers never linger on a property beyond what the job calls for, and clients’ properties are always left absolutely clean and tidy. Similarly, the company’s shop is very well-maintained, and its trucks are washed every few days.

Advanced Roofing Services “answers questions plainly and honestly,” says Mr. Lopez. It provides all the information customers need to make informed decisions. If the company doesn’t have the answers, they research them. “We give as much information to our customers as we possibly can.”