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Top 10 Requests
Common Auto Repair Services in Solano County and the Bay Area

Automotive repair shops in Solano County provide all types of maintenance and vehicle repair services. However, some repairs are more common than others. The following are the most familiar requests for local auto repair shops.

Routine Vehicle Maintenance
Routine vehicle maintenance, also known as a tune-up, is the regular auto check-up schedule recommended by vehicle manufacturers. It is commonly recommended at 30-, 60-, and 90,000 mile intervals. Routine maintenance for cars usually involves checking and replacing air filters, fuel filters, cabin filters and spark plugs. Most mechanics in Solano County will also check, flush and refill auto fluid and ensure the engine, exhaust and electrical systems are functioning correctly. This routine vehicle maintenance service allow auto repair mechanics to prevent expensive car repairs by seeing small issues before they become big problems.

Auto Electrical Repair
As vehicles become more computerized and complex, auto electrical repairs become more common. Most auto electrical repairs are required for the alternator, the component that continually charges your battery. Vehicle starter repairs are also common. Experts recommend checking your entire auto electrical system every two years and whenever you experience drivability problems that appear to be electrical in nature.

Automobile Brake Repair
Brake repairs are a common request made of local auto repair mechanics in Vacaville, Vallejo, Fairfield, Benicia and Suisun City and all throughout Solano County. This is because brakes wear down as you use them. Most brake repairs are simple replacements of the brake pads, and are relatively inexpensive. Because you rely on them to stop your car on time, brakes should be checked regularly, especially if you experience any of these signs:

  • The brake pedal feels hard when you step on it
  • Low or spongy-feeling brake pedal
  • The brake warning light stays on continuously
  • Squealing or grinding sounds when you brake

Vehicle Brake Replacement
Like brake repair, auto brake replacements are common car repairs in Solano County. Complete brake replacements, including replacement of brake discs, drums and car rotors can be costly, but may be necessary if you’ve been driving with worn or damaged brakes that have warped or damaged the brake system.

Auto Engine Repair
Often signaled by a lit Check Engine light, vehicle engine problems can also present themselves as sputtering, choking, fast or rough idling, slow acceleration or the vehicle not starting even though the ignition turns over. Because there is such a range of engine problems that can cause these symptoms, few car owners attempt do-it-yourself engine repairs. There are automobile mechanics throughout Solano County that specialize in automotive engine repairs.

Auto Ignition System Repairs
Automobile ignition system repairs include battery, starter and car ignition replacements. Starters and ignitions can be expensive, but they are necessary in order to guarantee your car will start reliably.

Auto Electrical Repairs
Auto electrical problems can be as simple as blown fuses or burned-out headlights or as serious as electrical problems that keep you from safely driving your vehicle. Because these auto repairs demand special equipment, tools and repair methods, most auto electrical repairs are best left to automobile electrical repair technicians in Solano County.

Auto Fuel System Repairs
Auto fuel system problems include clogged fuel filters, engine flooding and choking sounds. Auto fuel system repairs are usually best handled by professional car mechanics who have the experience and tools to clean, repair and replace fuel system components. Clogged fuel pumps are a common problem for Solano County drivers who regularly run on less than ¼ tank of fuel.

Auto Belt and Hose Repair and Replacement
Vehicle belts and hoses including the drive belt, fan belt, serpentine belt, timing belt, heater hose and fuel hose keep your engine and other vehicle systems running smoothly. Signs that may indicate a problem with belts and hoses include squeaking noises, leaks, warning lights and engine overheating.

Mobile Auto Repair
Mobile mechanics and mobile auto repair shops in Solano County are increasingly popular. Instead of having vehicles towed to repair shops, many customers opt to have licensed mechanics come to them. From tune-ups and routine maintenance to auto electrical repairs and belt and hose replacement, mobile mechanics come to your home or place of business by appointment to service your vehicle.