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Be a Good Customer
How Can You Be a Good Auto Repair Shop Customer in Solano County?

It's the auto repair shop's responsibility to perform thorough and complete vehicle repairs. You also play a big part in the success of your automobile's repair, too. Below are a few easy steps you can take to be a good customer when you take your van, minivan, truck or car into an auto repair shop in your area of Solano County.

  • Be clear and upfront about your car problems, what result you’re expecting and specific ways the mechanics can satisfy your needs.
  • Remember, a friendly smile goes a long way.
  • Before you leave your car, truck or van at a Solano County auto repair shop, restate your expectations and goals, and go over with the auto technicians your understanding of the contract. Being clear about the expectations you and the auto repair shop have can help you avoid most conflicts.
  • Ask your service writer if they will call you with updates or if you should call to check on the progress of your vehicle repairs.
  • Be sure your service writer has a phone number where they can reach you at all times while your car or truck is in for car repairs. Your repairs will move along more smoothly if your service writer can reach you for any necessary updates or authorizations for car repair work.
  • Return calls promptly when your shop contacts you to keep the repairs on schedule.
  • Pay for the vehicle repairs promptly.

How do you benefit from being a good customer? Car repair shops in Solano County appreciate clients who are straightforward and easy to work with. Your positive behavior sets the tone from your end and helps foster a good relationship, so your repairs may go smoother and any problems may be easily resolved.