Diamond Certified


What to Ask References
Learn from Previous Auto Repair Customers in Solano County, Including the Smaller Cities of Allendale, Travis AFB, Bucktown, Collinsville, Elmira and Mare Island

How can you tell which auto repair facilities in Solano County are the value they claim to be? Independent research and scientific surveys will prove their claims.

All Diamond Certified car repair shops have undergone a ratings process that most other auto repair shops can’t pass. If you want quality from a vehicle repair shop in Solano County and the greater North Bay and Bay-Delta Region, you’ll have confidence when choosing among Diamond Certified shops. You can read Diamond Certified reports on all certified facilities, including verbatim survey responses. And you’ll never be deceived by fake reviews because all research is conducted by live telephone interviews of a large, random sample of actual customers. If you can’t find a Diamond Certified car repair shop within reach, you'll have to carry out some research of your own.

Even if you’re in a hurry to have your repairs done, it is wise to check references. If you do, auto repair shops in Solano County should be willing to give you the names and phone numbers of recent customers you can call as references. Keep in mind, though, that the reference list supplied by the shops are not as reliable as the results of the large random sample of customers surveyed during the Diamond Certified ratings process. That’s because references are “cherry-picked,” rather than randomly chosen from all clientele, meaning the shops are likely just giving you a few happy customers to call.

If your do call on references, specifically ask for a list of their 10 most recent customers (to help avoid them giving you only customers they know were satisfied) and call those references. Ask general questions about their experience with the shop’s personnel as well as specific questions about the car repairs.

Questions you might want to ask the auto repair references you call may consist of:

  • What vehicle services did _(auto repair shop name_) do for you?
  • Were you satisfied with the car repairs from this Solano County auto repair shop?
  • If you live in a smaller town such as Nut Tree, Maine Prairie, Bucktown, Cordelia, Elmira, Green Valley or in rural The Bay Delta Region, was your auto shop willing to tow your car or truck to their auto repair garage?
  • Were you pleased with the turn-around time from the auto repair center?
  • Did the mechanics and auto service writers listen to you and communicate with you about your car problems?
  • Was the price was fair for the car repairs you had done?
  • What did you like best about this Solano County automotive repair shop?
  • If you had any problems or miscommunications with the auto center, were they willing to work with you to come to a satisfactory solution?
  • Would you go back to this car repair facility?
  • Would you recommend/have you recommended this auto repair garage?