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When planning a wedding, choose a trusted wedding planner who understands the event’s importance.

A couple’s wedding is often the most important day in their married life, so hiring a responsible wedding planner is vital. “Look for reputation and experience,” advises Gary Baker, owner of The Freedom Hall and Gardens in Santa Clara. “You have one shot to do a wedding right. Lots of people can make a sale, but you have to make sure the planner can back up their talk.”

Ultimately, a wedding is a celebration of family and friends, so the best advice when planning is to leave all the tasks for the day in the hands of professionals. This allows the couple to focus on their family, friends and each other. This also means planning should occur in as few venues as possible. Is that extra stop to get a wedding photo at a particular location necessary? Or would the time be better spent enjoying the company of the guests? A picture at a unique location is nice, but it doesn’t compare with memories of time spent with loved ones.

Unlike many other businesses, the most expensive wedding planner isn’t always the best. “Weddings are one of those rare businesses where you can actually pay less and get more,” says Mr. Baker. “Choose a venue that provides the best service, not necessarily the most expensive one.” It’s service that ultimately makes a wedding enjoyable, he says.

There should be a seamless flow from ceremony to reception. Extended breaks for photos or other embellishments separate the couple from their guests and reduce the amount of time they spend together. Besides a seamless flow of events, the quality of the food is another important factor. Menu selection and ensuring the quality of preparation are important elements in the overall service.

Mr. Baker also says couples can save considerable amounts of money on their wedding if they’re flexible on the date and time of day. Like the tourism industry, there are peak seasons and days of the week. By choosing a less popular date or time, a couple can get the same service for a lower price.