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Terry Powell is owner of Terry's Tree Service, Inc.
Hiring a tree company that adheres to certified arborist standards is important for maintaining the health of your trees.

Most homeowners don’t think about the health and safety of the trees on their properties until they’re confronted with problems, and even then, many hire the cheapest tree companies they can find. However, hiring the wrong company can actually endanger the health of your trees and compromise the safety of your home and family.

“Homeowners don’t always know how to keep their trees healthy, and some tree trimmers will do whatever their clients ask without regard to the health of the trees,” explains Terry Powell, owner of Terry’s Tree Service, Inc. in Livermore. “There are certain ways to trim trees safely, just as there are certain ways to trim them so they’re permanently injured or more susceptible to illness or disease. Whenever you work with a certified arborist, your trees will be cut to arborist standards, which is important for helping them grow safely for the rest of their lives.”

Arborists are professionally trained to plant, trim and maintain trees. Their skills enable them to provide the proper care that’s necessary for keeping trees beautiful and safe, and they can prune, diagnose, and even remove ill or dying trees that pose a threat to people and buildings. Other benefits of hiring a certified arborist include:

  • Proper planting technique
  • Tree fertilization, irrigation, cabling and pest control services
  • Training of young trees (so they grow strong and solid)
  • Thinning tree limbs (to increase light and air flow to the rest of the tree)
  • Removing damaged, diseased or dangerous limbs and branches
  • Shaping trees (to help them look their best)
  • Tree value appraisal

Certified arborists can also provide tree evaluations and write reports that may be required for building projects and real estate/insurance purposes. “Hiring a company with a certified arborist on staff helps protect you and your trees because it standardizes the services you’ll receive,” adds Mr. Powell. “You can feel comfortable hiring a certified arborist because you know you’re getting professional tree services that take into account the overall well-being of each tree.”