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Select a document shredder based on your security needs

Many recent laws dictate requirements for protecting the confidentiality of customer information, says David Rhoads, co-owner of SureShred. In many cases, the fines and penalties for violations have increased more than one thousand percent.

Mr. Rhoads suggests outsourcing your document shredding as a less expensive and more secure alternative to doing it yourself. Moreover, he says, consider a company that shreds onsite. “It's important for the material to be destroyed before it leaves a facility. When you look at offsite services, you’ll see confidential material is being collected at the clients' facilities, being loaded onto a truck, and being driven all over town before it's offloaded at the end of the day. Moreover, once documents reach their destination, workers will sort them prior to destruction to increase their value as recycling.” All these intermediate steps add uncertainty and lower the level of security.

“The shredding industry came out of the recycling industry, but it shouldn’t be considered waste disposal,” says Mr. Rhoads. “It should be considered information protection. It’s a security process, not garbage. If you're going to pay someone to destroy your material, make sure it's being done in the most secure way possible.”

In an age when information can be transferred and appropriated with relative ease, Mr. Rhoads says it’s vital for companies that deal with sensitive material to have clearly delineated retention policies familiar to all employees. “The smallest bit of information can turn into security breach. That’s why records should be destroyed regularly.”