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SonoMarin Cleaning Services’ employees can clean hard-to-reach areas of customers’ homes.
To limit your exposure to household dust, make sure you use the proper cleaning methods.

Often, normal housekeeping isn’t enough to permanently remove dust allergens from a house. Many of the substances that make up dust can’t be removed by normal cleaning procedures, and vigorous cleaning methods can actually release more dust into the air, worsening the symptoms of those with dust allergies. To eliminate dust from your home as effectively as possible, consider the following tips:

• Use a vacuum cleaner with a high efficiency filter. Some top brands are Nilfisk, Fantom, Miele and Euroclean. • Consider purchasing an electrostatically charged cleaning cloth or mop—they attract and hold dust to keep it from becoming airborne. Don’t forget to clean bed springs, windowsills, Venetian blinds and areas underneath furniture. You can also use a damp mop on floors and walls to reduce dust levels.
• Remove as many dust producing and catching items from your home as possible. Instead of carpet, consider installing tile, linoleum or hardwood floors. Select closed book cases and curio cabinets instead of open shelves.
• Encase mattresses, box springs and pillows in impermeable, zippered covers. There are also breathable fabrics that allow water vapor to pass through for added comfort.
• Install a high performance filter in your central air system to remove more than 90 percent of airborne dust. These washable filters shouldn’t contain any materials with glue on them. Check with the manufacturer before making a purchase.
• Use wooden, glass or plastic furniture instead of upholstered items. Antiques often contain high amounts of dust.
• Install washable curtains or window shades instead of Venetian blinds and heavy draperies.
• Wear a mask while you clean to reduce your exposure to airborne dust.