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Make sure your painting contractor checks for dry rot before doing any work.

Dry rot is typically caused when poor paint sealer or caulking allows water to seep into a wood surface. Once dry rot becomes prevalent in your home, the only solution is to remove and replace the rotted wood, which is why it’s so important to make sure your painting contractor has the proper knowledge and training to deal with the situation.
There’s no point to painting over dry rot, and a professional painter won’t do it if you ask, but a lot of painters only look at the surfaces to be painted and miss the dry rot entirely. “Make sure your painter fully primes all surfaces before painting and caulking them,” advises Greg Kuzmicki, owner of Solidarity Painting, Waterproofing & Restoration in Santa Rosa. “During the estimation process, your painter should check every area of your house—not only at eye level, but at lower and higher levels as well—and feel for soft spots that indicate dry rot. If dry rot is discovered, make sure the replacement is included in the estimate before work begins.”
When it comes to comparing estimates from different painters, Mr. Kuzmicki recommends taking an “apples to apples” approach. “Typically, the most expensive aspect of a painting project isn’t the paint itself, but rather the labor involved in applying the paint and preparing the surface,” he says. “As with anything, you get what you pay for in terms of thoroughness, attention to detail and workmanship.”