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Angie Tran is president of Solar System, Inc.
New solar technology may be exciting, but there’s no substitute for time-tested quality.

You may have heard about some of the new solar technologies on the horizon, including solar battery packs, roofing tiles and even window glass. However, while these innovations are exciting, Thomas Vo, internet sales director at Solar System, Inc. in San Jose, says you shouldn’t incorporate them until they’ve become more financially viable. “We’re all excited for battery packs and other cutting-edge solar products, but I suggest waiting a couple of years until the prices drop. At the moment, battery packs aren’t that beneficial unless you live in a remote location where there’s spotty electricity. In the future, I definitely see more residential homes utilizing this technology, but for now, the cost of installation outweighs the practical benefits.”

While Mr. Vo cautions against prematurely embracing new technologies, he does recommend incorporating the latest in solar panel technology. “Solar panels are getting thinner and mounting technology is getting better, which has improved the look of rooftop installations,” he explains. “This also allows contractors to install panels in areas other than the roof. For example, a lot of homeowners are getting custom-built awnings and patio covers with solar panels attached. That way, they can generate power and also have extra shaded space for their homes and yards. Some people are even installing solar car ports, so there are a lot of options available.”

Mr. Vo says regardless of where and how you choose to install your solar panels, quality is a must. “Solar is basically the new gold rush, and there are a lot of companies trying to cash in. Unfortunately, a lot of them are skimping on quality, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting panels that are built to last.”