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President Kevin Garza (L) and Vice President Adam Garza take pride in San Jose Plumbing’s legacy as a family business.
It pays to use common sense when choosing a plumbing contractor.

As with any contractor, experience is important. Any professional plumber should be willing to provide license and insurance information, documented project plans, advance rate quotes, and references. For larger projects, inquire about a contractor’s experience with the specific type of work that’s needed. Consider the following areas to help choose the right contractor:

License and insurance
Always ask a contractor if they’re licensed, bonded and insured, and verify the information is current. Most are willing to supply a copy of their documentation if requested. The California State License Board’s website is a good source for verification and additional information. “It’s smart to verify these credentials, because there are some individuals in the plumbing industry who are unlicensed,” notes Adrienne Garza, co-owner of San Jose Plumbing, Inc. You should also confirm a physical address and phone number.

Request the telephone numbers of a contractor’s current clients. “We happily give references for prospective clients to call and get their input. I think it’s very important to get references,” says Ms. Garza. Another good option is to get a referral from a general contractor who has experience with subcontracting plumbers in the area. They can often be a practical resource for finding a reputable plumber, particularly if the work is part of a larger remodeling project.

Get quotes from multiple sources. “Price isn’t always the best indicator for a particular project,” notes Ms. Garza. Professional plumbers generally charge the same rates across the board (except for after-business hours and weekends) to build relationships with customers, rather than to take advantage of a bad situation.