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When working with a house cleaning company, make sure its employees follow basic rules to keep your home clean and sanitary.

If you’re thinking about hiring a house cleaning service, you probably expect its employees to leave your home cleaner than it was before they arrived. However, some cleaning companies don’t follow basic sanitation rules, which is why you should take a vested interest in the details of how your company cleans. “Some cleaning service companies use one sponge, brush or rag to clean an entire house, which means they’re using the same tool to clean a toilet as they do to clean a kitchen sink,” explains Lucenita Gooden, president of Right Hand Maid Services Inc. in Corte Madera. “Cross-contamination can become an even bigger problem if a cleaning company uses the same tools in multiple homes.”

According to Ms. Gooden, the best way to avoid this situation is to make sure your cleaning company only has cleaning tools on-hand that are to be used in your home. “The cleaning tools should also be specific for each room,” she adds. “Having color-coded cleaning materials or supply baskets for each room can be helpful, as can having a separate basket or kit for bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. Check to see if the company is labeling its tools. For example, bathroom cleaning tools could be labeled blue and kitchen tools could be labeled yellow.”

Being diligent about these matters is important because they can affect the health of everyone who lives in your house. “Using chemicals to clean refrigerators can contaminate food and make people sick,” explains Ms. Gooden. “Instead, you should ask your cleaning company to use plain soap and water to clean your fridge.”

Ms. Gooden also says your cleaning company should have policies in place that protect the different surfaces in your home. “Cleaning services need to use different equipment and products depending on the surfaces they’re cleaning, whether fabric, leather, granite, natural stone, vinyl, stainless steel or porcelain, so you should make sure you’re protected in case the wrong product gets used on the wrong surface.”