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If you have a rock chip in your car’s windshield, remember that size matters when it comes to having it repaired.

If your windshield gets chipped by a stray rock while you’re driving, you can typically have the chipped area repaired rather than replacing the entire windshield. According to Jenny Sargis, bookkeeper at Reliable Glass in Rohnert Park, rock chip repair is a fairly simple procedure. “The way to fix a rock chip is to force a resin into the recess, which fills the chip and any connecting cracks to keep them from spreading any further,” she explains.
While this process may be simple, determining whether or not a rock chip can be repaired can be more complicated, as it’s a matter that insurance companies and auto glass installers tend to disagree on. “Most insurance companies say chipped areas smaller than a dollar bill can be repaired, but a lot of auto glass companies won’t repair anything larger than a quarter,” explains Ms. Sargis. “With larger chips, the resin tends to harden too much before reaching the outer edges of the cracks. Some companies address this problem by drilling holes along the crack and filling it multiple times, but that’s not good for the glass’ structure.”
The one place you should avoid after having your windshield replaced…
After having a new windshield installed, some car owners are concerned about the effects of weather on the job. Ms. Sargis says weather typically isn’t an issue, but a car wash can be problematic. “You should avoid taking your vehicle through a high-pressure car wash for at least two days after a new windshield or back glass is installed, and that’s because of the urethane that’s used to seal the glass in these areas. By the time you leave the shop, the urethane is cured enough so it won’t move around, which means the car is safe to drive, but it won’t completely cure until 24 to 48 hours later, so it’s not a good idea to put it through a car wash within that time frame.”
Ms. Sargis gives one additional recommendation for those who’ve had a new windshield installed: “Since the urethane continues to cure for another couple of days after installation, you should keep your door windows rolled down just a bit when they’re closed, which will allow air to escape. In contrast, keeping the windows rolled up will cause pressure to build in the cabin, which can potentially blow pin holes through the urethane and result in a whistling noise later.”