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Owner Steve Ramirez secures a customer’s vehicle to his flatbed tow truck.
If your commercial truck breaks down and you need a tow, make sure you provide the dispatcher with detailed information.

When commercial truck drivers end up on the side of the highway, the first thing many of them think about is getting assistance as soon as possible, which is why some drivers get frustrated when they’re met with a line of questions from a tow truck dispatcher. However, if you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to remember that a dispatcher must get detailed information in order to ensure accurate and efficient service.

One simple yet crucial piece of information a tow truck dispatcher needs to obtain is the size of the vehicle. “There are actually legal stipulations regarding what kinds of trucks are allowed to tow vehicles of certain sizes,” says Steve Ramirez, co-owner of Ramirez Tow in Suisun City. “For example, Vactor trucks are difficult to tow because they require specialized equipment, so if you break down in a Vactor truck, your dispatcher needs to know that information so they can determine if their drivers are legally able to tow you.”

Tow truck dispatchers also need to know the specific nature of your situation. “Sometimes people will just say their truck is on the side of the road, but the towing company needs to know a lot more than that,” says Mr. Ramirez. “If your truck just stopped running, that’s fine, but if there was an accident or something specific went wrong, it can affect the way the towing company handles the situation. For example, if the tow truck picks up your vehicle from the wrong end and the wheel falls off, the problem just got worse, but that problem could have been prevented if the tow truck driver had the right information.”

According to Mr. Ramirez, even the location of your vehicle can factor into the equipment the tow truck needs to bring. “If a truck breaks down in town, it’s no problem, but if it’s on the side of the highway, that changes things,” he explains. “The way a tow truck hooks on to a truck in town is completely different from the way it does it on the highway, which can change the kind of equipment the company has to bring.”