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When looking for a sewer line contractor, consider asking a real estate agent for a referral.

Most sewer inspections are conducted in conjunction with the sale of a property—buyers usually want to know the condition of the sewers before they invest in a new home or business location. As a result, most referrals and recommendations for sewer inspections and repairs come from real estate agents. Myles O’Dwyer, president of Pipe Spy Marin, Inc. in Larkspur, thinks this is a good thing. “Real estate agents are professionals who want to deal with other professionals,” he says. “If they recommend a company that performs questionable work, it reflects badly on them and they may lose a sale. As a result, most real estate agents develop long-lasting relationships with sewer line contractors whom they trust, so if you get a recommendation from your agent, it’ll likely be a good fit.”
Mr. O’Dwyer says it’s also important to make sure your sewer line contractor uses high-quality materials in order to avoid unnecessary replacements in the future. “Pipes and fittings cover a wide range of prices. For instance, connectors that link a house’s sewer line to the sewer can range from $4 to $25. A $4 fitting will work for a little while, but the $25 fitting will last much longer and prevent the need for a redo.”
Most people don’t realize that a leaky sewer line also lets ground water into the sewer system, which can cause big problems for waste treatment facilities. For example, the sanitation facility that services Larkspur, San Quentin and Corte Madera processes about 3.2 million gallons of sewage each day (in winter months, rain can cause that number to jump to 11 million gallons). If you have a leaky sewer line, even more of your wastewater will enter the facility, which means the excess gets dumped in the bay and creates an environmental hazard. To avoid this, it’s important to have your sewer line maintained and replaced whenever necessary.