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Custom window tinting can make your car look better, feel more comfortable and last longer.

Many people choose to tint the windows on their cars simply for the look, but there are several practical benefits to window tinting as well. Consider the following information:

Drive safer. Whether it’s shining in an untinted windshield or side window, direct sunlight can be annoying and dangerous. Tinted windows block extreme glare and give you a level of protection you can’t get any other way.

Stay cooler. Some window tints offer protection from the heat of the sun. According to Jeremy Creager, owner of Perfect Darkness Tint in Burlingame, the best product for heat rejection is 3M Crystalline film. “Car owners who want to block heat from their cars are smart to choose crystalline film,” he affirms. “It comes in light shades that are designed to cut out as much heat as darker tints like those found on limos.”

Block UV rays. Most of us don’t think about the UV rays we absorb while driving in our cars, but both UVA and UVB rays can seep through untinted windows and leave drivers at risk. Wearing sunscreen is smart, but adding window tint will increase your level of sun protection year-round. Mr. Creager recommends installing window tint that’s certified by the Skin Cancer Foundation or a similar group. “These tints block harmful rays that can cause skin cancer and premature aging,” he says.

Preserve your ride. Car seats, dashboards, and other interior surfaces can fade and crack over time. Window tint that blocks heat and UV rays will keep your car looking newer for longer.

Be shatterproof. If you’re in an accident, tinting can help strengthen your car’s windows by preventing the glass from shattering. The same is true for break-ins: while tint won’t stop the glass from breaking, it can keep you from having to clean up a bigger mess and help you avoid injuries caused by shattered glass.

Stay anonymous. Depending on the darkness of the product, window tints can grant privacy while you’re in your car, which means you and your belongings are less visible. California law dictates how darkly tinted your windows can be, but even a modest degree of tint can offer protection and a degree of privacy.