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Two Old Town Glass technicians install a sliding glass door on a client’s home.
Websites and demos are terrific. But if you can, visit the showroom.

"No question, learning about glass products from a website or home demonstration can be hugely helpful and convenient. But whenever possible, visit the showroom and experience the product for yourself."

Valuable advice from John Pope, owner of Old Town Glass.

“For example, a two-by-three sample of a patio sliding door might look and feel great in your hands. But once it’s mounted in your home, you might find the full-size difficult to open and close,” Pope warns.

Energy efficiency has also become a high priority for homeowners, particularly in window installation. Those concerns have not gone unheeded by the industry. Most wood, vinyl or fiberglass frames on sale today—aluminum is an exception—are energy efficient. However, thermally broken aluminum is available for projects requiring the strength of aluminum and energy efficient performance.

For the best energy efficiency, consider triple-glazed panes. Fast becoming standard, these panes are separated by pockets of sealed-in air or gas and treated with a “low-E” (low emissivity) coating that reduces energy loss. The best windows also have thermally-improved or low-conductance spacers between the glass panes at the edges of the window. These spacers are necessary in any insulated glass (multi-pane) window.