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If you want to get the best value on a house painting project, make sure you do your homework.

Adding new paint to the exterior of your home doesn’t just create a pretty façade; it also helps protect the entire structure against weather, pests and general damage. Some homeowners are tempted to save money by hiring painting companies that advertise cheap rates, but according to Nick Capurro, owner of Majestic Painters in Livermore, that can actually cost you more money in the long run. “Cheap paint and low-quality work generally means the job won’t look as good or last as long,” he says. “You’ll have to repair sooner, which costs more than if you’d just hired a quality painter in the first place.”

To get the best deal on a painting project, Mr. Capurro says it all comes down to preparation work, quality paint and skilled painters. Consider the following tips and information:

Good preparation work
Painting experts agree that better preparation means better application and a longer lasting finish. “You should find a company that power washes, caulks joints, fixes damaged spots, replaces rusted nails, scrapes loose paint, and puts down plastic and tape,” says Mr. Capurro. “Those types of preparation steps will really help the overall quality of the job.”

Quality paint
Inexperienced painting companies often purchase paint for $8 to $12 a gallon, and while these products might be the right color, they often aren’t high-quality enough to last. “You really get what you pay for with paint,” says Mr. Capurro. “Forty dollars a gallon might sound expensive, but that paint has better binders, UV properties and water repellency, so it’ll last much longer than cheaper paint.”

Skilled painters
It takes a professional painter to get professional results, so think twice before trusting your painting job to a company that hires day laborers or part-time painters. “Year-round, permanent employees are usually more skillful and dedicated than temporary workers,” says Mr. Capurro. “If a company has a vested interest in its employees, it creates a better environment for everyone, including its customers.”