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When it comes to choosing an electrician, think SAFETY first

Electrical work can put your home and your family in danger if it’s not done right, so it’s important to pick an electrical contractor who is safe, knowledgeable and skilled in electric repairs and installations. Unlike other service industries that may require only the principal of the company to be licensed, all electrical contractors must be certified by the state of California in order to do electrical repairs and new electrical installations.

There are some considerations you should take into account when choosing your electrician. Scott Mamola, owner of Maine Electric, Inc. explains, “There are a lot of people who say they know how to do certain electrical tasks, but a qualified electrician has to be certified and licensed to do the work. The industry is constantly being fueled by handymen and people who work out of the back of their truck, so it’s also smart to consider whether your contractor will be around in the future if you need follow-up service or warranty work.”

If you’re living in an older home, expert electricians can make your home safer. “Older homes usually have older wiring, and that can cause fire hazards,” Mr. Mamola explains. “A qualified electrician can install arc fault protection breakers that recognize the types of sparks that represent hazards and shuts off the power to protect homeowners and their property.”

And when it comes to cutting-edge electrical technology, only a certified electrician can get you the newest, safest innovations. Mr. Mamola explains, “Most people sleep right through a traditional smoke alarm. But with voice-capable alarms, you can record your voice on them and it’s more effective in waking up your loved ones.” Mr. Mamola adds that an electrician can make life safer with other tools, including child-safe outlets and ground fault detection devices.