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Gus Srour, Service Adviser
As modern cars continue to become more complex, so does the process of diagnosing and repairing them.

“Today’s cars rely as much on electronics as they do on mechanical components, which is why a lot of vehicle owners encounter problems that are electrical in nature,” says Gus Srour, owner of MAC Members in Fremont. “These issues can be tricky to diagnose—often, a problem will be detected by the onboard computer system but it won’t be immediately apparent, which means a technician has to spend time locating the cause. Sometimes, the issue will persist even after you’ve replaced a seemingly malfunctioning electrical part. In a worst-case scenario, you’d have to go through the entire computer and module system just to figure out what’s going on, which can be time-consuming and expensive.”

Mr. Srour says another factor that’s contributing to the growing complexity of auto repair is an increase in environmental regulation. “Auto manufacturers are under a lot of pressure from the EPA to make their designs more environmentally-friendly, especially in the areas of fuel economy and emissions. To do this, they’ve had to substantially alter their designs. The byproduct is that modern cars are incredibly complicated to maintain, diagnose and repair, which makes things more expensive for vehicle owners.”

Not surprisingly, Mr. Srour says car owners don’t always understand the costs involved in diagnostics and repair. “For example, some people think their ‘check engine’ light is a simple fix, but that isn’t always the case. Sensor problems are often related to modules and actuators, and since those are all in the same loop, it takes time to single out the bad part. When vehicle owners hear that, they’re often incredulous. From their standpoint, their cars are running fine, so they don’t understand why they have to spend money just because a dashboard light came on.”