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Laural Roaldson is Chief Organic Officer of Laural Landscapes.
When it comes to fertilizing the plants on your property, consider the benefits of going organic.

There are plenty of commercial chemical products available for enhancing the growth of plants and trees, but according to Laural Roaldson, owner of Laural Landscapes, Inc. in Walnut Creek, using such means can lead to unwanted complications. “When you use a commercial fertilizer, you’re creating an artificial condition,” she explains. “Basically, you’re forcing the plant to do something it wouldn’t naturally do, which often causes an unsustainable rate of growth. Also, it’s going to attract harmful insects like aphids and whiteflies that want to take advantage of this rapid growth. So, now you have a pest infestation that you wouldn’t have to deal with if you just allowed the plant to grow naturally.”

By causing such problems, Ms. Roaldson says artificial fertilizers can add up to a considerable expense. “If you use chemical fertilizers, you’ll often end up spending more in the long run than if the organic route was taken. With chemicals, you pay on the front end when you buy the product, but then you also have to put additional time and money into maintenance and dealing with pests, so it’s a lose-lose situation.”

Rather than using artificial means, Ms. Roaldson suggests a natural alternative that promotes growth without creating an unnatural condition. “One beneficial technique for plant health is using ‘mycorrhizae,’ which are microscopic organisms that form a symbiotic relationship between a plant and the beneficial fungi that attach themselves to the plant’s root system,” she explains. “It’s a completely natural occurrence, and the mycorrhizae act as an extension of the roots to absorb nutrition and water more efficiently. This organic enhancement sets up the plant for success without increasing its susceptibility to problems like pest infestation.”