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Sergey Stotskiy, Owner
If you’re planning to install new floors in your home, consider the benefits of engineered wood.

It used to be that hardwood floors were the most desirable in terms of looks, but homeowners often struggled with care and upkeep. However, new advancements in wood flooring have combined the look and desirability of hardwood with the convenience of engineered wood. “When engineered flooring first came on the market, no one believed it would take the place of wood flooring, but today, almost 95 percent of sales are engineered wood,” says Sergey Stotskiy, owner of Kapriz Hardwood Floors in Santa Clara. “Not many people buy wood flooring anymore because engineered wood has so many benefits.”

Mr. Stotskiy cites the construction of engineered wood as the reason for easier installation, simpler care and less risk of damage. “Solid wood flooring is made up of a 3/4-inch piece of solid wood throughout, while engineered wood has a plywood base and a top layer hardwood veneer,” he explains. “Engineered wood is also very stable, and motion doesn’t affect it much. A solid wood floor can cup when exposed to moisture, and weather can affect it by making it expand and contract, but engineered wood doesn’t react to weather and humidity."

For these reasons, homeowners who live in damp areas and those without air conditioning and other dehumidifying abilities don’t need to worry about warping, cupping, and weather-related flaws. Engineered wood flooring is also less prone to scratching, doesn’t need to be refinished like wood flooring and is more forgiving in areas where water is prone to spill, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Waterproof engineered wood flooring (sometimes called vinyl plank flooring) is a brand-new advancement that Mr. Stotskiy says is revolutionizing the way people live with wood floors. “It has the same look as laminate but it’s waterproof, so if your dishwasher leaks or there’s a big spill, you can just remove the floor. Once the plywood is dry, you can put the floor back—it just clicks into place. This type of flooring is ideal for commercial spaces, rental homes and houses with pets. It’s also only $1 more than laminate per square foot, so it’s very reasonable.”