J & M Termite Control Industry Info

When it comes to preventing termite infestations, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

No one wants termites in their home or business, but do you know how to prevent an infestation from occurring in the first place? Termite extermination and fumigation can be expensive (and repairing termite damage can be even more costly), so prevention is your best option. The tips below will help you take the necessary steps to prevent termites from getting a foothold in your residence or commercial building.

  • Wood that touches the ground can lure an entire termite colony to take up residence. Make sure any wood supports, footings, deck supports and other wood surfaces attached to your home or property aren’t in direct contact with the ground. “A good way to keep termites away is by installing metal flashing around the base of fence posts,” says Jim Darling, owner of J & M Termite Control, Inc. in Mountain View.
  • Termites need a source of water to thrive, so fix leaky faucets, eliminate standing water, remove debris in gutters, and make sure there’s adequate drainage underneath and near your home.
  • Vegetation near buildings can create moist areas that encourage termites. Cut back brush and heavy growth, and keep leaves and other vegetation from piling up near the base of your home.
  • Keep firewood, building materials, scrap wood and other wooden materials away from the exterior of your home. Termites can easily travel from wood storage areas near homes into the structures themselves.
  • Remove dead trees and stumps from your yard. Decaying wood attracts termites, and they’ll look for new sources of food in close proximity.
  • Wood mulch provides a food and water source for termites, so use rubber mulch or stone near your home instead.
  • Use mesh, aggregates, concrete or plastic barriers to keep termites from penetrating your home’s foundation, pipes, piers and other contacts with the ground.
  • Have a termite control company apply a chemical barrier treatment around your home or business. “Many termite products have a residual effect for up to 10 years,” says Mr. Darling. “Treating around a home can keep subterranean termites away for a decade.”