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A recent residential interior design project by J. Hettinger Interiors
To ensure the success of your interior design project, make sure you work with a company that keeps up with industry trends.

From modern to transitional to French country, interior design styles fluctuate in popularity every year. Even so, some interior designers get stuck in styles of the past, which can leave their clients with outdated looks that don’t fulfill their needs.

You can avoid the frustration and disappointment of ending up with an unsatisfactory design by hiring an experienced design company that can translate your style and help you make smart decisions that stand up to changing trends. “At the end of the day, homeowners are looking for designs that are timeless and still fit their individual styles,” says Michelle Resan, co-owner of J. Hettinger Interiors in Alamo. “Some people know what they want and others need help figuring out their style, but most need guidance when it comes to choosing a timeless design. A good designer will be able to achieve this by getting a sense of what the client wants and putting a modernizing twist on it.”

So, how can you find a designer that has the ability to combine your style and timeless design principles? Ms. Resan recommends looking for a company that works with numerous product vendors and meets with them often. “Good designers regularly meet with vendors to look at new products, visit markets where multiple furniture and accessory companies present new lines, and pay attention to the colors and styles that are forecast to be popular for the next couple of years.”

Your interior designer should also find ways to take your preferences and translate them into the modern iteration of the style. “For example, a heavy Tuscan feel was popular a few years ago, but then it became lighter,” says Ms. Resan. “Now, Tuscan isn’t even that popular, but some homeowners still want that style. In this instance, a designer needs to be able to educate the client and find a way to give them what they want while incorporating a timeless design they won’t regret.”