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If you’re considering building a second home, make sure you consider functional, aesthetic and financial aspects in advance.

According to Janver Holly, owner of Holly & Associates, Inc. in Santa Rosa, it’s important for homeowners to think about a second home in different terms than they would with their first. “A second home tends to be less about function and more about form and expression,” he explains. “For the most part, it will serve as a sanctuary from the pressures of normal life, so you should focus on making it a place that serves this purpose.”
In regard to aesthetics, Mr. Holly suggests that when designing a second home, you should consider optimizing its integration with the local environment. “A lot of times, a second home will be located in a more remote and scenic location, with natural beauty and dramatic views,” he says. “In such cases, you should think about doing something like installing large windows that will allow you to better appreciate your surroundings.”
In terms of functionality, Mr. Holly lists a few attributes that are commonly characteristic of a second home, including a spacious common area for holiday gatherings, a swimming pool for summer vacationing and a well-equipped kitchen. “As opposed to a family home where bedrooms tend to be more of a focal point, a second home emphasizes the common areas of the home and its amenities,” he says.
While the design of a second home may not entail the same points of emphasis as a typical family residence, Mr. Holly warns that in the event of a resale, this could have a negative effect. “When it comes to a second home, many people want to have an exit strategy in case of an economic downturn or other financial crisis,” he explains. “In many cases, however, a second home’s personalized style or layout may cause it to be less attractive to buyers who are in the market for a more traditional home.” For this reason, when designing a second home, it’s a good idea to strike a balance between personalized and practical—that way, you can enjoy the home while still maintaining its value and appeal for future resale.