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David Weiss is owner of Four Paws Pet Ranch.
Properly socialize your dog to help avoid long-term behavioral problems.

Whether your dog is big or small, young or old, calm or active, experts recommend keeping him or her well-socialized. Often, this is simply a matter of making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and is regularly exposed to positive interactions with other sociable dogs.
An easy way to socialize your dog is to regularly take him or her to a facility that provides dog daycare services. During these supervised play sessions, dogs get a chance to meet other dogs and fulfill their pack animal instincts by playing, chasing and building social skills. “Many dog owners find that providing weekly play changes the way their dogs react to other dogs in public,” says David Weiss, owner of Four Paws Pet Ranch in Santa Rosa. “Instead of getting overly excited, they’ll be calmer and better behaved because they’re used to being around other dogs.”
Mr. Weiss compares socializing dogs with raising children. “Imagine a child who never gets to play with other children—he or she will always be missing an important aspect of their personality,” he says. “The same thing happens to un-socialized dogs; they meet other dogs and don’t know how to get along because they don’t have previous experiences to draw from.”
According to Mr. Weiss, socialization is also a way to break the monotony that can contribute to unwanted behaviors in dogs. “Sometimes people complain that their dogs dig in the yard, chew up shoes or bark when they’re left alone, but those things tend to happen when dogs get bored,” he explains. “Exercise, mental stimulation and regular socialization are important for preventing this unwanted behavior, especially with very young or active dogs. Chew toys and games like hiding food give dogs jobs to do, which helps them burn off excess energy and stay well-balanced.”