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If you want to brighten up your home, consider installing skylights or sun tunnels.

Owners of older homes (and even some modern homes) often complain about a lack of lighting and windows that are too small to bring in enough natural light. Luckily, there’s an easy fix to those problems: skylights. “Skylights are a great addition to any house because they let in a lot of natural light and make the home feel warmer, brighter, and cheerier,” says Dave Freer, co-owner of Collier Warehouse, Inc. in San Francisco. “They can also address a lot of problems that homeowners have with their existing windows. Large, custom skylights can be the focal point of kitchens, family rooms or entertainment areas, and smaller skylights can accent certain parts of rooms.”

Sun tunnels, which are sealed tunnels that allow light to come in through the roof and filter through the attic space and into the home, are also good options for many homeowners. “Sun tunnels bring natural light to hallways, bathrooms, interior rooms with no windows and even walk-in closets,” explains Mr. Freer. “When you want light in a room but don’t want the focal point that a skylight brings, sun tunnels can be the answer.”

Replacing existing skylights that have become fogged or don’t provide enough light is also a smart idea for homeowners who want a fresh pop of natural light. Modern advancements in skylight technology mean many problems that homeowners used to experience with skylights are no longer an issue. Leaking, cloudiness, fogged glass, and even the inability to close off or put shades on skylights have all been addressed by many industry-leading skylight and sun tunnel manufacturers.

Is there any place you shouldn’t put a skylight? Mr. Freer says most contractors recommend against installing skylights in bedrooms. “A bedroom skylight can make it harder to sleep in or take afternoon naps. However, some skylights come with built-in automatic or electric blinds, so a product like that can give you the light you want and the darkness you need.”