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Owners Darren and Denise Collie
Performing factory-recommended services on your Mercedes-Benz is worth the effort.

Putting off maintenance will just compound your problems, says Denise Collie, co-owner of Collie Autoworks, a Mercedes-Benz repair shop in San Rafael. “Follow the factory maintenances. Don’t just change the oil; have the car inspected on a regular basis.”

Mrs. Collie suggests you choose a repair shop that employs ASE Master-certified technicians. It should also have credentials from Mercedes-Benz as an authorized service technician, since the auto manufacturer has a strict and comprehensive training program for its mechanics.

Also, says Mrs. Collie, ask the shop service manager if the facility has authorized access to the latest Mercedes-Benz computer software downloads. “This is extremely important, since the software that runs and monitors most systems on modern Mercedes Benzes is updated regularly.”

If you have another type of car and need parts replaced, Mercedes-Benz parts are often your best option, since they’re manufactured to strict tolerances. While OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are expensive, they’re designed to provide long service life and are compatible with other parts in terms of fit and operation.

Aftermarket parts for older Mercedes-Benzes are sometimes available at prices substantially lower than OEM parts. While there are many excellent aftermarket manufacturers, there are inferior parts as well. Some parts don’t carry warranties and may not provide comparable service life. If your budget allows, always insist on OEM parts, and ask to see the packing list or original packaging.