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When screening drainage contractors, it’s crucial to check licenses and certifications.

Wayne Ortland, owner of Bay Area Drainage, advises to ask for references and get testimonials when searching for any kind of contractor specializing in drainage systems. Make sure the company has a history of dependability and guaranteed workmanship. “I do believe that being Diamond Certified is very important,” says Mr. Ortland, “because when you’re using a Diamond Certified contractor, you know they’re on a different level than the others.

“Unfortunately,” he continues, “in our industry, many contractors aren’t reliable or trustworthy. You need to check their license so you don’t hire a company with a questionable reputation—you don’t want to pay twice for a drainage job that wasn’t done correctly or was left unfinished.”

It’s important to hire someone who specializes in drainage systems, says Mr. Ortland. Some landscaping companies may claim to be drainage experts, but often they’re not. “I don’t know how many drainage systems I’ve seen that weren’t done correctly—they’re either not deep enough or the percentage of fall is incorrect. You really need to be careful with drainage because it’s buried. Being underground, it’s not going to be visible once it’s completed.”

It’s important to get a commitment from the contractor stating they’ll return to your home and fix any problem free of charge if the need arises. When considering this kind of work, a guarantee is an absolute necessity.