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Peter Balla is owner of Balla Construction & Design.
When looking for a general contractor, consider two factors: experience and rapport.

“It takes eight to 10 years to develop the skills to become a good contractor,” says Peter Balla, owner of San Francisco-based Balla Construction & Design and a 30-year construction industry veteran. “Look for a company whose employees are journeymen with plenty of experience.”

A rapport between customer and contractor is also important. “You want a company you can trust,” says Mr. Balla. “The contractor will leave at the end of your project, but you’ll be living in your house for decades.” Mr. Balla advises to hire a company that you know will take pride in its work.

In addition to actively soliciting and questioning references, Mr. Balla recommends you visit one of the contractor’s current jobsites. Even someone unfamiliar with the building trade can tell a lot by simply looking around a site. Ask yourself simple questions. Is it organized and clean? Do the teams appear to be working efficiently? Depending on the stage of your project, you may or may not be able to discern what the final product will look like, but you can tell a lot about how the contractor works.