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Do I Need to Return to the Dealer Where I Purchased My Vehicle For Servicing?

No, you are not required to return to the new car dealer for service while your new vehicle is under warranty.  The new car dealer will lead you to believe that if you do not return for service your warranty will be void.  This is false!  You may have your new vehicle serviced wherever you please.

This practice has become so widespread that Congress passed the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which makes it a violation of Federal Statutes for a car manufacturer to require the vehicle be returned to the dealer for servicing in order  to maintain it's warranty.


The only reason you would need to return to the new car dealer is for warranty repairs or a manufacturer recall.  These repairs are to be performed at no cost to you for parts or labor.


Manufacturer warranties vary from system to system (ie. whole car warranty, drive train, emissions, etc.).  Consult your owners manual for exact time and mileage details.  Recalls are in affect for the life of the vehicle (there is no mileage limitations).


Service or "warranty service" as it is sometimes referred to (which is misleading), can be done by whomever you like.  The most important thing to keep in mind when servicing your vehicle, whether your vehicle is new or not, or under warranty or not, is to always have your vehicle serviced by the manufacturer recommendations.  If you are unsure of what this is, consult your owner's manual or contact us.  Not servicing by the manufacturer's specifications will void your warranty. 


Additionally, make sure you choose a shop that has specific knowledge of your make and we do at Automotive Excellence.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

Make sure your auto repair shop is performing maintenance work that’s specific to your car.

Years ago, most auto repair shops recommended the same services regardless of the type of vehicle you had, but according to Mike Pogojeff, owner of Automotive Excellence in Rohnert Park, that’s no longer the case. For example, Honda used to recommend changing transmission fluid every 30,000 miles, but today, the manufacturer recommends changing it on an “as needed” basis. “Personally, I prefer to change transmission fluid every 15,000 miles because Honda transmissions have a tendency to fail due to lack of maintenance, but some shops wait much longer and follow the ‘as needed’ direction,” says Mr. Pogojeff. “It’s a very subjective practice, so you should talk to your mechanic before making a decision.
“Also, when you’re comparing service prices from shop to shop, you should compare what’s being done for that specific price as well,” continues Mr. Pogojeff. “If one shop charges significantly less than another, it’s often a sign that it’s cutting corners and doing low-quality work.”
Mr. Pogojeff also says various dealerships and auto repair shops adhere to different schedules for preventative replacement and maintenance items such as oil changes, fluid replacements, valve adjustments, filter changes and belt replacements. “Some follow the exact dealership recommendations, but others base their recommendations on your driving style and vehicle’s specific needs.”
Changing, replacing and maintaining vehicle components that don’t need to be serviced can be a waste of money, but waiting too long between maintenance appointments can cost a lot more in the long run. “Small things like adjusting valves, changing oil and performing other routine maintenance items on a regular schedule will help your vehicle last a lot longer,” confirms Mr. Pogojeff. “Ultimately, that should be what every car owner wants.”