Atlas Landscapes Industry Info

When considering a landscaping project—big or small—it’s important to find a contractor who will work with you according to your wishes and tastes.

It’s a good idea to start out by looking through magazines and other garden publications to get a sense of what you like. When consulting with a landscape contractor for the first time, you should feel completely confident and comfortable about sharing your ideas and being a part of the planning process.

Make sure a prospective candidate is willing to consider your input. “Over the years, I’ve learned to listen to people and not force my ideas on them,” says David Graham, owner of Atlas Landscapes. “I listen to how they use their outdoor spaces, and that’s where we begin.”

Before you hire a contractor, it’s important to check out his or her work. “Visit their website and, if at all possible, actually go out and look at a few jobs they’ve done,” says Mr. Graham. “I like to work with Diamond Certified contractors because I feel safe knowing I’m going to get a quality product,” he continues. “I would highly recommend that people go with Diamond Certified contractors.”

Choose a contractor who’s well established in the industry. “I’d look for someone who’s been running their business for at least five years and had training prior to that. There are so many facets to this business, and contractors need to be familiar with each skill and trade,” says Mr. Graham. “Make sure they’ve been around for a long time. People who don’t work with integrity or provide quality workmanship don’t last.” In addition, it’s important to know how long the employees have been with the company and if they’ve also acquired the necessary knowledge and skills, either through formal education or extensive, on-the-job training.