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Due to concerns about the declining honeybee population, it’s important to be conscientious when handling a bee infestation.

Any pest control company can get rid of a beehive, but according to Mario Martinez, owner of All N One Pest Eliminators in Antioch, it’s a better idea to call a local beekeeper to do the job. However, even though a beekeeper will happily remove the hive in a safe, responsible way, there are limits to what they’re willing to do. “Depending on the circumstances, a beekeeper may decline a removal that involves substantial difficulty or limited access,” explains Mr. Martinez. In some cases, a beekeeper may be willing to do a difficult job (removing a hive in a chimney, for example) for a fee, but if not, you’ll need to call a pest control professional.

Employ effective preventative measures to keep squirrels out of your home.
Squirrels may be cute, but when they take up residence in your home, they can cause structural damage and other problems. Squirrels will chew through just about anything (including electrical wires) to find materials with which to build their nests. Not only can this cause your electrical system to malfunction, it can also create a fire hazard. Additionally, squirrels can create a health hazard by leaving behind urine and feces that harbor bacteria in the spaces they inhabit.

To effectively remove squirrels from a home, a pest control company must employ the right techniques. One common method is to locate and seal off vulnerable access points to your home so squirrels can’t gain entry. Since squirrels are able to chew through different types of materials, it’s important to use a strong substance like steel meshing to block entryways. Another way to keep squirrels out is to set up one-way exclusion door traps. Both of these methods represent humane, non-lethal ways to prevent squirrels from entering your home.