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If you’re considering replacing your windows, consider the advantages of dual pane products.

The most substantial benefit of dual pane windows is their ability to provide superior insulation, which in turn increases energy efficiency throughout a home. The energy savings alone often make it a worthwhile investment to have your old, single pane windows replaced with double pane windows, but there are numerous other benefits that most people aren’t even aware of.
One of these benefits is the reduction of condensation throughout the home, which is a byproduct of dual pane windows’ superior insulation. The tightness of a dual pane window inhibits moisture from entering the home, which introduces practical health benefits such as decreasing the prevalence of seasonal illness and the accumulation of latent mold.
Dual pane windows are also effective at reducing outside noise. “Many times, that’s the first thing people notice,” says Jeff Alexander, co-owner of Alexander Company in Burlingame. “If you live in an area where outside noise is a bothersome issue, dual pane windows can really enhance the serenity of your home environment.”
Lesser known attributes of double pane windows include the addition of UV coating and argon gas filling, both of which constitute what’s known as “low emittance,” or low-E. “Today, all double pane windows are required by code to have a UV coating,” says Mr. Alexander. “UV coatings cut out a lot of the heat gain from the exterior as well as heat loss from the interior, and they significantly reduce potential UV damage to furniture and draperies. Some people think the coating is going to darken their windows, but it’s usually effective enough to not require a tint, although that option is available if you want to cut out a bit more light or have more privacy.”
The process for argon gas filling is as follows: The space between the glass panes (formerly filled with air) is filled with argon or krypton gas, both of which are nontoxic, nonreactive, clear, odorless substances. The space is filled with gas and not air because gas is denser and thus less conductive of heat, which makes double pane windows even more effective barriers between the exterior and interior of a home.