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A recent bathroom remodeling project by Abrew Repair and Construction
Preparation is crucial for a successful remodeling project.

Even if it’s handled by a high-quality contractor, a residential remodeling project can disrupt the normalcy of your everyday home life, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead as much as possible. Consider the following steps before construction begins:

Create a command center
Designate an area in your home where you can leave messages for your contractors. A good place is the entryway, which everyone uses. Set up a message board and attach a set of remodeling drawings and plans, project details, a schedule, contact numbers and any special requests.

Clear the clutter
Before the remodeling starts, you should have the majority of your possessions packed and out of the way. The more you can pack away before construction begins, the less you’ll have to clean up afterward. Move all your furniture and accessories to another area of your home. Some contractors will need to access the basement for plumbing, electrical or heating purposes, so make sure it’s cleared of clutter as well.

Create traffic areas
Your contractors will be walking in and out of your home with tools and materials, so be sure to create an easily accessible path for them to use. Protect any flooring that might be used by your contractors.

Keep children and pets safe
Create an area to keep your pets in while there are contractors in your home, and make sure your children are kept safe and out of the construction zone.

Driveways and garages
Create a space in your garage to store all extra items. Keeping a dumpster in your yard is also beneficial. You can expect many large trucks coming to deliver your materials, so plan to have a space cleared for them.

There may be items you want to recycle from your remodel, such as cabinets. Mark these items and create a place to store them. Call your local recycling center and find out what materials can be recycled.

Control the dust
Before your remodeling project begins, cover all your furnishings with protective plastic to keep dust from flowing through your home. Keep all doors closed and run the furnace only as needed. Vacuum daily to help control the dust. Set out a broom and garbage cans for contractors to use for easy clean-up.