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Jason Dalk is owner of JD Building.
If you’re planning a construction project, don’t underestimate the importance of getting a building permit.

Homeowners who forego getting building permits for their construction projects often learn the hard way that permits protect them from potentially dangerous living situations caused by shoddy construction. For one, every permitted construction job is inspected for free by a code enforcement officer. This usually happens once or twice during the building project, and its primary purpose is to bring additional peace of mind to the builder and homeowner. “A reputable contractor shouldn’t think there’s anything wrong with being double-checked,” says Jason Dalk, owner of JD Building in Cotati. “Two heads are better than one when it comes to guaranteeing construction safety.”
Building permits also help prevent contractors from making shortcuts. Since each permitted job is inspected by a code enforcement officer, any shortcuts or subpar workmanship by the contractor will come to light during this process. “Most people want to trust their contractors, but sometimes it’s hard because they don’t know exactly what they’re looking at,” says Mr. Dalk. “With the presence of a building inspector, they know the work is being thoroughly checked by a third-party professional.”
Code inspection officers will even answer building code questions for free. This can actually save you money by helping you make smart planning and remodeling decisions before construction work begins. Some may even be able to give you a list of recommended contractors or material suppliers with good reputations for quality work.
Building codes protect contractors, homeowners, landlords and tenants by representing the rights of all parties involved and helping sort out responsibilities. Insurance claims are made much easier for homes with active building permits in the unlikely event of an accident or problem such as an electrical fire during construction.
When it comes to planning your project, remember that even though the Bay Area’s temperate weather makes it relatively easy to complete a home renovation during any time of year, in order to get the best odds for an exterior project, it’s best to schedule work between May and September. The rainy months of November through April can cause delays on projects that require exterior work.